Functional Practices

Promotum works with clients to address the common set of strategic and tactical issues that face leaders dealing with transformative change. We provide context and work with executives to solve critical problems with fact based solutions. Our thinking is strategic, but we focus on implementation and achieving results.

Business Development
Business Development starts with an understanding of the technology, players and trends within a given industry. We help clients understand the competitive advantages of their technology and where it fits. Then we build strategic relationships and form the alliances which drive sales. We listen to the market, collect feedback and cycle it into strategy. We also participate in conferences and tradeshows on clients' behalf and write white papers and proposals.

Business Strategy & Planning
Uncertainty over oil, energy and raw material availability, advances in technology and economic stresses identify this as a period of dramatic change. Promotum's methodologies guide organizations in transition with measurable and effective initiatives at the corporate, business unit and product line levels.  We examine market drivers and conduct trend analysis. We conduct capability and gap assessments. We evaluate strategic options and build business cases and strategic plans.

Competitive Intelligence
Our single client research helps executives understand and predict competitor moves. We provide strategic analysis, benchmarking and ongoing monitoring.

Corporate Development
Promotum provides guidance in identifying high potential markets. Our process includes formulating acquisition criteria, identifying, validating, and targeting candidates which will maximize value creation. We assess risks associated with top candidates, initiate contact and guide negotiations toward structured deals.

Promotum helps clients license technology, whether it is the client's primary business model or means to profit from underutilized assets. Our process includes identifying, validating, and targeting candidates which will maximize income. We assess risks associated with top candidates, initiate contact and guide negotiations toward structured deals.

New Venture Creation
Promotum helps organizations assess spinouts and form new entities. We provide technology and team evaluations, and aid in product refinement and commercialization.

Project Finance/Financial Analysis
Promotum builds business cases for projects and companies. Our consultants construct standard financial statements - balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, proforma. We conduct strategic planning and help set milestones. We aid in the acquisition of strategic investment, venture capital and other forms of funding.

Technology Due Diligence
Promotum helps clients make investment, acquisition and divestiture decisions. If you're buying: Are you getting what they say you're getting?  Will the technology work? What are the associated risks? What is already in the marketplace or coming soon? What adjacent technologies may impact? Does the underlying IP cover the associated products? Is it up to date? Are second and third generation products covered? We've managed technology and IP due diligence for billion dollar transactions. Our industry experts can help with yours.